Records Catalog Overview

The Records Catalog is a contextual reference tool that describes the NetSuite model structure and behavior. This tool supports users in developing integrations, adopting new features, and learning about the NetSuite model. Within the Records Catalog, you can find information about the record types and fields available for specific NetSuite channels. This dynamic NetSuite model reflects the customizations and features enabled or disabled in your account.

Developers, administrators, and system users need to clearly understand the NetSuite model to achieve a particular task in NetSuite. The Records Catalog provides information about the records that can be used with different technologies and provides general information such as record type name, record family, ID, and origin.

Watch the following help video for information about the Records Catalog.

The list of record types provides available functions such as SuiteScript Analytic API. For more information about fields and joins available for SuiteScript Analytic API, see SuiteScript and Rest Query API in Records Catalog.

For Records Catalog limitations, see Known Limitations for the Records Catalog.

The Records Catalog is available for all users with the Records Catalog permission. To assign the Records Catalog permission, first select the role you want to allow access to the Records Catalog in Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles. On the role page, you can then add the permission to view the Records Catalog under Permission > Setup > Add (Records Catalog).

To open the Records Catalog go to Setup > Records Catalog or

To use the Records Catalog, see the following topics:

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