Setting Up ANZ Localization Preferences

The ANZ Localization SuiteApp provides your account with the ANZ Localization Preferences page where you can set up your company preferences for the following:

ABN and NZBN Verification Warning

You can set up a warning message to alert or block users from entering an invalid Australian Business Number (ABN) or New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) on customer and vendor records.

To set up an ABN and NZBN verification warning company preference:

  1. If you have the Administrator role, go to Setup > ANZ Localization > Preferences. Otherwise, go to Setup > Other Setup > ANZ Preference.

  2. On the ANZ Localization Preferences page, select a preference in the ABN Verification Warnings dropdown list.

    • No Warnings – Users are not alerted when an ABN or NZBN is invalid. Customer and vendor records do not display a warning banner. Records with invalid ABN or NZBN can still be saved.

    • Warn – Users receive a warning message when they attempt to save a record with an invalid ABN or NZBN. Users have the option to correct the ABN or NZBN or proceed with saving the record without correcting the invalid numbers.

    • Warn and Block – Users receive an error message when they attempt to save a record with an invalid ABN or NZBN. The record will not be saved until the user enters a valid number.

  3. Click Save.

The ABN and NZBN verification warning can also be set up as a user preference in Home > Set Preferences. If you want to prohibit users from setting their own ABN and NZBN verification warning preferences, clear the Allow Override box on the ANZ Localization Preferences page.

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