Viewing, Editing, Creating, and Revoking TBA Tokens

You can see a list view of tokens in your system.

To view tokens:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > Access Tokens

    The Access Token page appears.

    The Access Tokens page.
  2. Actions you can take from this page include:

Revoking TBA Tokens in the NetSuite UI

This section provides information about revoking a token in the NetSuite UI. For information about revoking a token programmatically, see Issue Token and Revoke Token REST Services for Token-based Authentication.

Revoking a token makes it inactive forever, but does not remove the token from the system. The token is still accessible for auditing purposes.

Revoke and Inactive Statuses

  • When a token is revoked, it cannot be edited, and will display with an Inactive status in list views.

  • When the Inactive box is checked for a token, the token will display as Inactive in list views, but the token can still be edited. To make the token active again, click Edit, clear the Inactive box, and click Save.

The Access Token Edit page where the Inactive box is checked.

Additional Situations Under Which Tokens are Revoked

  • When an application used for token-based authentication is deleted, all tokens associated with that application are revoked.

  • When an administrator removes roles from an entity (an employee, a vendor, a partner, a customer, or a contact) the tokens are still active in the system. These active tokens cannot be used by the entity for log in to NetSuite (unless the administrator adds the roles back to the entity).

  • When an administrator deletes an entity, (an employee, a vendor, a partner, a customer, or a contact) the associated tokens are deleted.

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