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The SuiteTax Engine does not support SuiteScript 2.1. To use the full functionality of the SuiteTax Engine, you must use SuiteScript 2.0. For more information about the differences between SuiteScript 2.0. and SuiteScript 2.1., see Differences Between SuiteScript 2.0 and SuiteScript 2.1.

This documentation is for NetSuite accounts with the SuiteTax feature enabled. For accounts without SuiteTax, see Legacy Tax.

The SuiteTax Engine is a SuiteApp developed by NetSuite using the SuiteTax plug–in. For more information, see General SuiteTax Topics.

The SuiteTax Engine greatly reduces the risk of non-compliance for companies with VAT and sales tax obligations and entities doing businesses in different parts of the world.

The SuiteTax Engine helps business meet the tax determination and reporting requirements. The SuiteTax Engine includes the following functionalities:

To install and enable the SuiteTax Engine, see the following topics:

To set up and use the SuiteTax Engine, see the following topics:

The following are not yet supported with the SuiteTax Engine:


The SuiteTax Engine supports only general taxation use cases. Special taxation rules for particular items or industries are not supported.

For VAT countries, it is possible to define specific rules. However, for US nexuses, it is not possible to define item-specific taxes, or different tax rates for particular items.


The SuiteTax Engine cannot be used on Brazil and India nexuses. For more information about our solutions for tax calculation for Brazil and India, see Brazilian Hub and India Localization SuiteTax Engine.

Partner Tax Engines

SuiteTax also gives customers an opportunity to choose one of our Partner Tax Engines. For more information on Partner Tax Engines, see Related Topics.

Please consider the following points when implementing a Partner Tax Engine:

  • Partner Tax Engines need to be able to support all taxable transaction types.

  • Partner Tax Engines need to be assigned to a specific tax registration or a nexus.

  • If a transaction is not used for recording tax, Partner Tax Engines can return empty tax results with no tax details and zero tax.

  • Partner Tax Engines need to know the tax rules for a specific tax jurisdiction or a nexus they are assigned to.

To leverage the NetSuite platform and development tools to build custom SuiteApps solutions for deployment into customer accounts, independent software vendors must consult the necessary development principles described in SuiteApp Architectural Fundamentals & Examples (SAFE Guide) Version 2020.1.

This is the list of our partner tax engines:


TaxJar is no longer a SuiteTax partner as of September 2022. However if you are an existing customer, you can still use the TaxJar engine.

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