Multi-Book Accounting Overview


Please contact your sales or account representative to find out how to get the Full Multi-Book Accounting feature. The assistance of NetSuite Professional Services or a Multi-Book authorized partner is required to implement this feature. You should consider contacting NetSuite Professional Services or a Multi-Book authorized partner for assistance in setting up the Adjustment-Only Books feature, even though it is not required.


Multi-Book Accounting, including the Adjustment-Only Books feature, is available only in NetSuite OneWorld.

Multi-book accounting provides the ability to maintain multiple sets of accounting records based on a single set of real-time financial transactions. This enables businesses to support different managerial and regulatory compliance needs such as:

The Multi-Book Accounting feature includes options for chart of account mapping, foreign currency management, revenue and expense management, and accounting book period close management to address these needs.

In addition to the Full Multi-Book Accounting feature, NetSuite offers you the ability to post book-specific adjustments to a secondary, adjustment-only book at closing. Adjustment-only books differ from standard secondary books in that they don’t duplicate the data in the primary book. Instead, adjustments are made in the adjustment book to data from the primary book. You can then utilize the standard NetSuite reporting tools to display financial reports on the data from both the primary book and adjustment book.

Adjustment-only books can be enabled on any NetSuite OneWorld account by an administrator, and do not require the Full Multi-Book Accounting feature. Additionally, they do not need to be requisitioned from or set up by NetSuite Professional Services.

For more information, see Adjustment-Only Books Overview.

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