Internal Controls in NetSuite

This section lists internal controls that are readily available in NetSuite. This listing is provided as a reference to assist you in building strong internal controls in your NetSuite implementation.

No customizations are required for you to utilize any of these general controls in your NetSuite implementation. Audited companies should consider taking credit for the partial or full mitigation of risks provided these internal controls.

Many internal control processes specific to your company may require the creation of some basic customizations, such as custom fields, custom records, workflows, and scripts. These types of custom solutions may be available as NetSuite SuiteApps, or Partner Applications. These solutions can also be built by NetSuite developers.

Customizations made for internal controls are tracked in system notes. For more information, see System Notes Overview.


This content is not intended to be an all-inclusive list or to represent what a company needs to adopt to be SOX-compliant. There are many other internal controls available in NetSuite and all companies should take a risk— based approach to ensuring materially accurate financial statements. This content provides examples of internal controls utilized in our system.

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