Account Registers

An account register is a list of transactions for a particular account, for a selected date range, with the ending balance. NetSuite provides registers for posting and non-posting accounts. Each register includes detailed information about all transactions affecting the account for a selected time period, including balance information.

You can use registers to review and manage account transactions. You can access and edit transaction records from registers, reconcile accounts, and mark transactions as cleared. For information about how to access and use account registers, see Viewing Account Registers.

For information about the types of account registers available to you in NetSuite, see Available Account Registers.

In addition to single account registers, NetSuite provides several register reports. Each of these reports combines data for all registers of a specific type. The register reports provide more display options than single account registers, but do not provide access to transaction editing or account reconciliation. For a list of available register reports, see Register Reports.

For more information about controlling access to account registers, see Controlling Access to Account Registers.

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