Financial Statements Overview

You can access financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, at Reports > Financial and at Reports > Banking/Budgeting. For a list of NetSuite standard financial statements, see Available Financial Statements.


To access Financial Report Builder training resources, see the SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches page at NetSuite SuiteTraining.

Financial statements differ in the following respects from other NetSuite reports that include financial data:

If you use NetSuite OneWorld, you can run and customize separate financial statements for each subsidiary. For more information, see OneWorld Financial Statements.

The currency used for financial statements is the base currency of the company. If you use NetSuite OneWorld, it is the base currency of the subsidiary selected as the Subsidiary Context. Like other reports, values in financial statement results are rounded to the currency precision determined by the format of the company currency. In NetSuite OneWorld, values in financial statements results are rounded to the currency precision determined by the format of the subsidiary base currency. This rounding applies to currency values and non-currency values, including formula column values.

Permissions and Roles

You need the Financial Statements permission to run financial statement reports. Additionally, you need the Report Customization permission to customize these reports in the Financial Report Builder or to change the layouts assigned to them.

The following standard NetSuite roles include both permissions:

If you do not have necessary permissions, contact your account administrator. For more information, see Giving Access to Financial Statements.

If employee information is masked and you require this information, contact your account administrator.

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