Financial Report Builder

You can use the Financial Report Builder to customize NetSuite financial statements, including their columns, filters, sorting, and audience. The Financial Report Builder's most significant feature is the Edit Layout page. The Edit Layout page provides you with fine-grained control of your customized financial statements. In addition to report-level and column-level customizations, you can make edits per section or row. Sections are subsets of financial data, typically filtered and grouped by account type.

On the Edit Layout page, you can customize the data that is included in a financial statement. The data is determined through dynamic section-level filtering based on account type, account name, account number, class, department, location, or subsidiary. The order of the data is determined through section-level sorting and grouping by account type, class, department, location, or subsidiary.

You can define how to calculate results for report summary rows, either by totalling or by a more complex formula that you define. You can add formula rows that display calculated figures based on your stored data. You also have extensive editing tools to alter the look of each row or section in your report, including the labeling and text style.

All customizations on an Edit Layout page are saved as a custom layout that can be shared by multiple custom financial statements. A layout is a set of definitions for a financial statement's rows and sections.

After you have saved a custom financial statement, it is available on the Saved Reports page. For more information, see Sharing Custom Reports with Other Users.

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To access Financial Report Builder training resources, see the SuiteAnalytics: Financial Reports and Searches page at NetSuite SuiteTraining.

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