Report Customization

You can use the Report Builder to customize most standard and ad hoc reports. NetSuite also provides a specialized Financial Report Builder that you can use to customize financial statements only. For information, see Financial Report Builder.

You can modify the look of a report and the information it presents, to meet your specific needs. The Report Builder's What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) format lets you view the changes you have made before saving the report. You then can run the saved report at any time to quickly access the information you need in the format that is most useful to you.

To edit a report in the Report Builder, you can: click Customize on the Reports page, click the Customize button on the report page itself, or for ad hoc reports, click the More Customization button on the new report definition page. These links appear only if you have permission to customize reports. Be aware that in some cases, a Customize link may appear when you do not have permission to customize a report. To avoid this issue, you may need changes to your access level for the Report Customization permission. For information, see Report Customization Permission.

On the Report Builder pages, you can edit the default columns, filter, and sorting options applied to the report. You can define new options to apply to the report. If you choose to save and share your custom report, you can define the audience of users that are allowed access to your report. Available customization options depend on the report you choose to customize, your role, the permissions for that role, and the features enabled in your account. To see what the Report Builder looks like, see Report Builder Interface.


If you have customized a report, be sure to save it before you select the Alert me when ready option. If you select this option before you save report customizations, the last saved report is run instead.

For information about customization options that may be available in the Report Builder, see the following:

For information about accessing customized reports, see Saved Reports Page.

Keep in mind that the look and feel of a report is determined by a combination of the reporting-related preferences set in your NetSuite account, your choices from the report's footer options, and any customizations you make in the Report Builder. When you are thinking about making changes to a report, you need to think about all of these possibilities.


Accounting register reports are not customizable. Other reports may not be customizable either. If you do not see a Customize link, either the report is not customizable, or you do not have permission to customize it. For information about permissions issues, see Report Customization Permission.

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