Saved Reports Page

The Saved Reports page contains a list of all the reports you have customized and saved, either in the Report Builder or Financial Report Builder. This page also lists reports customized by others who included you in the audience of their saved report.

To view the Saved Reports page:

  1. Click the Reports tab.

  2. On the Reports page, under the Saved Reports heading, click All Saved Reports.

The list of saved reports includes the following columns:

You can click a column heading to sort the list of reports by title, description, owner, or report type.

If inline editing is turned on, you can directly edit the report's title and description. See Inline Editing of Reports. Administrators can also edit the report's owner.

In the footer of the Saved Reports page you can filter the list of reports by owner. If you only want to see the reports that you own, select Mine in the Owner field.

If you do not want a saved report to appear on the Reports page and the Reports > Saved Reports menu, open the report for edit and clear the Show on Reports Page option on the More Options tab.

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