Inline Editing of Reports

Inline editing of reports offers all the standard capabilities of inline editing. When editing large numbers of reports it may be quicker to use the mass update feature. See Mass updating of report ownership.

To change the owner of several reports:

  1. Go to: Reports > Saved Reports > All Saved Reports.

  2. Switch inline editing on.

  3. Arrange the list so that the reports you want to edit are listed on the same page.

  4. Click on the owner of one of the reports. A dropdown list will display all possible owners. Click on the owner again to hide the dropdown list.

  5. Holding down the Ctrl key, click on the owner in another row to add that row.

  6. Add all rows that you want to edit then release the Ctrl key.

  7. Click on the dropdown list and select the new owner for the selected rows.

  8. Click away from the owner column and the selected reports will be immediately updated.

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