SOAP Web Services Operations

SOAP web services exposes NetSuite as a data source for programmatic access, hence most of the data operations developers expect, such as insert, update, delete, and select/search are supported. There are also a number of operations that are available as supporting operations for data read/write operations (for example: initialize and getSelectValue), or for providing metadata (for example: getCustomizationId), or for exposing an application function to programmatic access (for example: attach, detach).


If an operation you are looking for doesn’t appear in the list of operations below, look at the Support for Existing WSDL Versions for your version of the WSDL.

See these sections for complete details on all SOAP web services operations:


NetSuite hosts customer accounts in multiple data centers. For that reason, the correct URL for SOAP web services access varies depending on the data center hosting the account.

For more details, see Dynamic Discovery of URLs.

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