Dynamic Discovery of URLs

NetSuite accounts are sometimes moved from one data center to another to achieve optimal cloud resource utilization. In the past, the URLs used to access NetSuite included data center-specific identifiers, meaning they had to be changed after an account was moved to a different data center. Account-specific domain URLs to do not need to be updated after an account is moved to a different data center. You should always use account-specific domain URLs with your NetSuite account.

Each account type (production, sandbox, and Release Preview) has a unique account-specific domain. The account-specific URLs for all services are shown on the Company URLs subtab of the Company Information page of your production, sandbox, and Release Preview, accounts. See URLs for Account-Specific Domains for more information.

However, in cases where an application accesses more than one NetSuite account, you should use dynamic discovery to obtain the correct URLs.

Three domains for dynamic discovery are supported in NetSuite:

See the following sections for more information:


Do not use any form of certificate pinning (for example, HPKP headers) on any NetSuite service. NetSuite certificates can change at any time and without notice. If you pin a NetSuite certificate, access to NetSuite can be denied after a certificate is changed.

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