Best Practices for Cloud Accounts

NetSuite accounts are hosted in various data centers around the globe. To take full advantage of our cloud infrastructure, you must keep your NetSuite account free from data center-specific references. All NetSuite services and processes, including customizations and integrations, can function properly without knowledge of where the account is hosted. You should follow the best practices for operating your NetSuite account in the cloud.

You must not hard-code IP addresses or use URLs that include data center identifiers for accessing NetSuite. Best practices for integrations and customizations include using dynamic discovery methods for obtaining the correct URL, using relative rather than absolute URLs for referencing NetSuite objects, and using your account-specific domains to access specific services.

See the following topics for more information:

Many NetSuite accounts have associated Commerce websites. See the following topics for more information about website best practices:

The following topics are also of interest in ensuring that you are following best practices so that your NetSuite account can take full advantage of being in the cloud.

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