Traffic Health

The Oracle NetSuite cloud infrastructure is constantly growing to meet the needs of our expanding customer base.

The Traffic Health page can help you evaluate live incoming traffic data for your NetSuite accounts. You should evaluate this data to understand whether changes will be required for your accounts to be ready for upcoming changes in the Oracle NetSuite cloud infrastructure. You can review the traffic data to help you identify non-compliant incoming traffic. Non-compliant traffic means traffic that uses a data center-specific domain. After you identify the non-compliant incoming traffic, you must make updates so that the traffic is sent to account-specific domains.

Correcting Data Center-Specific URLs in Your Account

You must ensure that incoming traffic is compliant with the requirement that your account, when necessary, can be moved to a different data center. Compliance with this requirement ensures that your account can be moved without affecting the operation of your integrations or blocking incoming traffic. As Oracle NetSuite expands into data centers around the globe, there is the probability that the hosting location your account may be optimized to achieve the best service. You must ensure that the traffic coming into your account is ready. Your incoming traffic must use account-specific domains. If an integration is used in more than one account, the integration must use dynamic methods to discover the correct domain.

You can generate a Traffic Health report to help you identify traffic in your account that is using data center-specific domains. See the following sections for more information:


SuiteAnalytics Connect and REST Web Services integrations do not require review. These integrations exclusively use account-specific domains, so these integrations are not examined by Traffic Health.

General Notices