SuiteAnalytics Connect

The SuiteAnalytics Connect Service lets you archive, analyze, and report on NetSuite data. You can use a third-party tool or a custom-built application on any device that uses Windows, Linux, or OS X operating system. If your company enables the Connect Service, NetSuite offers ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers that you can download, install, and use for the Connect Service.


The SuiteAnalytics Connect Service provides a read-only method for obtaining NetSuite data. You cannot use the Connect Service to update NetSuite data.

Before using the Connect Service, be aware of the following:


Ensure that you have the latest driver version installed and the required connection attributes. You must also update your NetSuite connections to use certificate-based server authentication and provide the NetSuite Account ID and Role ID on every connection. For information on the latest driver versions available, see Required Update of SuiteAnalytics Connect Drivers.

To start working with Connect, see Getting Started with SuiteAnalytics Connect.

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