Accessing the Connect Service Using an ADO.NET Data Provider

The SuiteAnalytics Connect for ADO.NET data provider enables you to access the Connect Service from the Microsoft .NET platform. This type of data provider is appropriate for multi-tier architectures where you want to perform more complex data processing and analysis. Using a Connect ADO.NET data provider provides increased scalability for applications. The two main components of ADO.NET for accessing and manipulating data are the .NET Framework data providers and the DataSet. You can incorporate the Connect Service as one data source (of possibly multiple data sources) in to your ADO.NET schema.

The following table lists the tasks you must complete to set up your environment, download, and install the ADO.NET driver.



Verify the installation prerequisites.

For more information, see Prerequisites for Using the Connect Service.

Review the configuration values for the connection.

For more information, see Review the ADO.NET Data Server Configuration.

Download and install the driver.

For more information, see Downloading and Installing the ADO.NET Driver.

Set up your environment to connect with ADO.NET.

For more information, see Connecting with the ADO.NET Data Provider.

Set up the connection properties for ADO.NET.

For more information, see ADO.NET Connection Options.

(Optional) Enable the authentication with server certificates.

For more information, see Authentication Using Server Certificates for ADO.NET.


The ADO.NET data provider automatically uses server certificates authentication.

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