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With SuiteAnalytics Connect you can access NetSuite data through the data source, also known as the analytics data source. The data source uses the schema that has been used in SuiteAnalytics Workbook since 2019.2. The details about the record types and fields, joined record types and join properties are available through the Records Catalog, which shows only data relevant to your account and role. The Records Catalog is supported for the SuiteScript Analytic API and the REST Query API only. Note that the Records Catalog is available for all users that have the Records Catalog permission assigned to their role. For more information, see Records Catalog Overview.


As of November 8, 2021, new Connect users can access the Connect Service using the data source only. If you gained access to the Connect Service before this date, you can still access the data source to ensure a smooth transition to

Note that the data source is no longer being updated with newly exposed tables and columns, and support for this data source will end in a future release. The use of the data source is no longer considered a best practice, and all Connect users are encouraged to use the data source. For more information about this change, see New Accounts and Access to the Connect Data Source.

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