Detect Duplicate Customer Email

The Website Duplicate Email Detection feature prevents web store shoppers from creating duplicate customer accounts on your website. This feature detects duplicate email addresses when a customer chooses to register for an account. If a duplicate email address is detected, the customer is notified with an alert message, but the web store checkout workflow can proceed.

To set up duplicate email management for your website:

  1. Enable the feature.

    1. Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

    2. On the Web Presence subtab, check the box next to Web Site Duplicate Email Management.

    3. Agree to the terms of service.


      This feature potentially allows an attacker to enter numerous test email addresses to build up a list of registered site users. The NetSuite security recommendation is to mitigate this risk by installing a CAPTCHA control or another program that slows down the registration process on your website. To enable the feature, you must agree to a Terms of Service statement that you understand and accept this risk.

    4. Click Save.

  2. Go to Setup > Company > General Preferences.

  3. Under Web Site Duplicate Email Management, select Enable Duplicate Detection.

  4. Click Save.

After you enable website duplicate email detection, shoppers cannot sign up for a customer account with an email address that belongs to an existing customer. If a duplicate email address is detected, the shopper can either register with a new email address or reset the password for their customer account. In OneWorld accounts, shoppers are not allowed to register with an email address that is already assigned to an existing customer in the same subsidiary.

Exceptions to Duplicate Website Email Detection

Duplicate customer email management only affects customer registration on your website. Note the following cases when the system does not block the customer from entering a duplicate email address.

Duplicate email addresses are allowed in the following cases:

Customize the Error Message Shown when a Duplicate Email Address is Detected

You can customize the error message that is displayed to the shopper when a duplicate email address is detected. Shoppers who try to register with an existing email address are shown an error message indicating that the email address is already in use. The error message that is displayed by default prompts the customer to log in with the original password or enter a different email address. You can customize the message that notifies the shopper of the duplicate email address.

To customize the alert message for duplicate website email detection:

  1. Go to Commerce > Content Management > Customize Text.


    Refer to Using Web Site Text Groups for general instructions on working with the Customize Web Site Text user interface.

  2. Click on the Error Messages subtab.

    The Default Text column displays the default value for each block of text that appears in the web store. The blank fields in the Customization column are for your customized changes to the existing text. The Description column provides more information about some of the fields.

  3. Use the browser search to find the following block of text on the page. You can modify the text of the alert message that customers see when they try to register on your website with an email address that already exists:

    You registered as a new customer, but a customer already exists with the email, {1}. Please log in with the original password, or enter a different email address.


    The variable in the message, {1}, is replaced with the duplicate email address.

  4. Copy the HTML in the Default Text column, make your changes, and then paste your customized HTML in the Customization column.

  5. Click Save.

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