SuiteCommerce and OneWorld

With NetSuite OneWorld, an organization can use a single NetSuite account to manage records and transactions for multiple legal entities, or subsidiaries, conducting business across multiple tax jurisdictions, or nexuses, involving multiple currencies.

Although you can associate multiple subsidiaries to a Commerce web store, only the subsidiary selected as the default shows up on the website.

To set a default subsidiary for a site, do the following:

  1. In NetSuite, go to Commerce > Websites > Website List.

  2. At the bottom of the Setup subtab, in the Default column, select the radio button for the default subsidiary and click the Save button.

For example, when parent company Wolfe Electronics creates a website, the administrator selects the parent subsidiary as the default subsidiary on the Web Site Setup record. Orders that are submitted on the website are posted to the parent subsidiary.

Shows how to set a default subsidiary in the Setup subtab.

The site shows only the following types of information specifically associated with the default subsidiary with no option for the shopper to change the website subsidiary:

Visitors to the website also see items and shipping options associated with the default subsidiary. After registering or submitting an order, each customer created through the website is associated with the subsidiary set as the default.

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