TBA and the Login Audit Trail

This section covers how to track tokens and users with the Login Audit Trail and provides details about error messages you might encounter.

Track TBA Tokens and Users

You can use the Login Audit Trail to track TBA tokens and users.

To track tokens and users:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > View Login Audit Trail.

  2. Check the Use Advanced Search box.

  3. Click the Results subtab.

  4. Add the following fields: Detail, Token-based Access Token Name, and Token-based Application Name.

  5. Click Submit.

    The Detail column displays error messages for any token-based authentication logins with a status of Failure.

For more information about defining Login Audit Trail searches, see Login Audit Trail Overview.

TBA-Related Error Messages in the Login Audit Trail

A good place to start troubleshooting TBA problems is the Detail column of the Login Audit Trail Results. RESTlets and SOAP and REST web services have slightly different error messages, but the meaning is similar.

For more information about error messages, see the following sections:


Tokens created using the Token-based Authentication feature in your NetSuite production account are not copied to your Release Preview or to your sandbox accounts. To test this feature in Release Preview or in a sandbox, you must create new tokens in that account. Each time the sandbox is refreshed, you must create new tokens in the sandbox.

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