Login Audit Trail Overview

The Login Audit Trail is a specialized search that helps keep track of account users, when they have logged in, and from where. It is available at Setup > Users/Roles > View Login Audit Trail.

The Login Audit Trail captures and records the IP address at the beginning of the user’s session. It does not capture changes in IP addresses that might occur during a session, such as when a user connects to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while the session is active. If the user logs out of NetSuite, then logs back in while the VPN is still open, the IP address of the VPN will be captured for that session.


Oracle NetSuite does not support traffic that is routed through a split-tunnel Virtual Private Network (VPN) to control user access to NetSuite. For more information, see VPN Configuration for User Access to NetSuite.

This search returns a list of login activity, that can include each session listed by date and time of initial login, the user's name, and the IP address from which the user logged in. When you drill down on individual login entries, you view a list of the transactions completed during the user's session. If no data appears, then the user did not complete any transactions during the period you are viewing.


The Login Audit Trail search also is available from general search task links, like Reports > New Search, and Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New.

Login Audit Trail Search Capabilities

The Login Audit Trail offers the same capabilities as other NetSuite searches, including:

When you open the Login Audit Trail Search page it displays in the mode last used, initially simple search.

For instructions for using the Login Audit Trail, see the following:

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