Restricting an Individual User View

Although an administrator can restrict a users' access to data by department, class, location or for NetSuite OneWorld, subsidiary, by customizing the roles they use to log in, there are situations when a user might want to artificially restrict the information seen for a particular login session.

For example, a bookkeeper might want to approve purchase orders for a single location. Restricting her view allows her to view only the purchase orders for that location. Additionally, reports and search results only show records and transactions associated with that location.

You can restrict your view for the current login session at Home > Set Preferences. The next time you log in, the normal restrictions set for your role are restored.

To restrict your view:

  1. Go to Home > Set Preferences.

  2. Click the Restrict View subtab.

  3. In the Subsidiary, Department, Location, or Class fields, select the classification for which you want to restrict your view in this login session.


    If you restrict your subsidiary view, the departments, locations, and classes available to you are limited to those associated with the selected subsidiary.

  4. Check the Include Sub box if you want to also see records and transactions associated with child subsidiaries, departments, locations, or classes of the selections.

  5. Check the Include Unassigned box if you want to see those records and transactions that have not been associated with a department, location, or class.

  6. Click Save.

For details about the effects of restricting subsidiary view, see Restrict Your Subsidiary View . For more information about personal preferences, see Setting Personal Preferences.

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