Restrict Your Subsidiary View


If you are using the Advanced Employee Permissions feature, restrictions set on the Role page are applicable only to the Employees and Employee Administration permissions. The Employee Public and Employee Confidential permissions ignore the restrictions set on this page. For more information, see Advanced Employee Permissions.

If you are assigned a role with access to multiple subsidiaries, you may want to limit the data with which you are working. For example, you may want to restrict data to one subsidiary. For many reports, you can select a subsidiary after you run the report from the Subsidiary Context list in the footer of the results page. These reports support consolidation, or rollup of subsidiary results. For more information, see Subsidiary Context for Reports. However, for reports that do not support consolidation, you must set your user preferences to view a single subsidiary before you run the report.

You can restrict the data shown in the current login session including the user interface, searches, and reports. Go to the Restrict View subtab at Home > Set Preferences.

To restrict the view to a parent subsidiary and its children, select the parent subsidiary from the Subsidiary list and check the Include Sub-Subsidiaries box.

To restrict the view to a single subsidiary, select it from the Subsidiary list and do not check the Include Sub-Subsidiaries box.

When you restrict your subsidiary view, the departments, locations, and classes available to you are limited to those associated with the selected subsidiary.

The view restrictions you set apply only to the current login session for current role. The next time you log in with this role, your normal settings are applied.


It you select your root subsidiary in the Subsidiary list, all subsidiaries are included. Therefore, you need not check the Include Sub-Subsidiaries box.

For more information about restricting subsidiary viewing, see the following help topics:

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