Set up NetSuite OneWorld

You must complete the following steps to set up NetSuite OneWorld.

  1. Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how subsidiaries, including elimination subsidiaries are organized in OneWorld. See Subsidiaries in OneWorld and Elimination Subsidiaries.

  2. Plan your subsidiary hierarchy and create a visual representation of this structure. See Subsidiary Hierarchy Planning.

  3. Ensure that currencies to be used by subsidiaries are set up in your account.

    For an overview of how OneWorld uses multiple currencies, see Multiple Currencies in OneWorld.

    For details about setting up currencies and exchange rates, see Creating Currency Records and Currency Exchange Rates.

  4. Ensure that tax jurisdictions (nexuses) to be used by subsidiaries and related tax items are set up in your account.

  5. Create subsidiary records. Start from the top-level or root subsidiary, and work your way down through child and grandchild subsidiaries.

  6. Complete the following, as needed:

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