Editing Subsidiary Records

After you save a subsidiary record for the first time, you can edit some of the values you entered for it. In edit mode, additional subtabs are available for you to do the following:

To edit a subsidiary record:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries.

  2. Click the Edit link next to a subsidiary.


    If you use the Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification general preference, the Subsidiary Of field becomes a list, rather than a read-only field. If you must modify the subsidiary hierarchy structure, you may corrupt your data and instigate significant legal or financial consequences. For information about using this preference and its related consequences, see Subsidiary Hierarchy Structure Modification.

  3. Edit the main fields as required.


    The subtabs that appear reflect the features enabled in your system. For example, if you use autogenerated numbering by subsidiary for specific transactions, the Numbers subtab is available. Please see the appropriate help topics for these feature-specifc subtabs, or use the field level help on each subtab.

  4. To define the subsidiary’s shipping label and return addresses, click the Addresses subtab. Then, click the Edit links next to the Shipping Address and Return Address fields.

    When you complete these address fields, the system uses these addresses rather than the shipping and return addresses defined in company information. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Company Information.


    You can also edit the company address on this subtab.

  5. To add or remove tax nexuses associated with the subsidiary, click the Nexuses subtab.

    See Adding or Removing Nexuses from a Subsidiary.

  6. To set preferences for the subsidiary, click the Preferences subtab and select or check the options for this subsidiary.

    For information about setting preferences, see Set Subsidiary Preferences.

  7. To define alternate subsidiary names to display in other languages, click the Languages subtab.

  8. To view changes made to this record, click the System Notes subtab.

  9. Click Save.

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