Associate Subsidiaries with Entities and Items

In NetSuite OneWorld, you must assign a subsidiary to each entity record before you can enter transactions for the entity. A transaction inherits its subsidiary from its entity. Other records referenced on the transaction, such as items or departments, are limited by values associated with that subsidiary.

This requirement applies to the following records:

To assign an entity to a subsidiary, open the record, and select a subsidiary in the Subsidiary field. The selected subsidiary determines the fields visible on the form, the address format, tax fields, and other information.

You can assign a single subsidiary to employee and partner entities. If these entities have relationships with multiple subsidiaries, you must create a record for each subsidiary relationship. You can assign a primary and multiple secondary subsidiaries to vendor and customer entities.

You can associate entities from one subsidiary to an entity associated with a different subsidiary in these cases:


After a transaction is posted for the entity, you cannot change the primary subsidiary selected on the entity record.

For more information associating subsidiaries with entities, see the following help topics:

In OneWorld, you can add fields to item records so that items can be shared by several subsidiaries. You can also assign a shipping item to a subsidiary so that it can be used for transactions. See Associate Subsidiaries With Items and Associate Subsidiaries With Shipping Items.

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