A customer is a person or entity that buys goods from you or your business. Customer records track information about your customers and enable you to view past transactions and communications with them.

The following is a list of some of the information you can track and link with customer records, depending on the NetSuite features you use:

Customer records may be leads that were converted to prospects and then to customers when sales closed. For information about the lead to customer workflow in NetSuite, see Lead Management.

NetSuite includes a specialized dashboard that is available for every customer (including leads and prospects) in your system. The customer dashboard provides at-a-glance access to key customer's data, so you do not need to search through multiple screens to gather and piece together the information you need. For more information, see Customer Dashboards.

This section of the Help Center is divided into the following major topics:

For information specific to Not-for-Profit (NFP), see Constituents.

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