Customer Dashboards

NetSuite includes a specialized dashboard that is available for every customer (including leads and prospects) in your system. The customer dashboard provides at-a-glance access to key customer's data, so you do not need to search through multiple screens to gather and piece together the information you need.

To open a dashboard for a customer, you can:

Setting the Customer Dashboard as Default View

If you prefer to look at all customer records using the dashboard view, you can set the preference to make this the default view whenever you open a customer record. To do this, go to Home > Set Preferences > Appearance > Set Customer Dashboard as Default View on Customer Record.

By default, a customer dashboard includes a Key Performance Indicators portlet displaying important summary data for the customer, a Dashboard Links portlet with links to reports related to the customer, and a list portlet displaying the customer's transactions, as well as other portlets. You can personalize customer dashboard portlets' content and setup.

A customer dashboard includes information about all transactions and activities for the customer's related projects and subcustomers. The customer dashboard's Transactions portlet data is consistent with the customer record's Transactions subtab data, and the customer dashboard's Key Performance Indicators portlet data is consistent with the customer record's Financial subtab data. The Tasks portlet shows a list of CRM tasks related to the customer record. You can also use the Tasks portlet to create tasks for the customer. Tasks that are displayed here are only those that are created using the New Task menu of this portlet. You can find other tasks related to the customer record in the Activities portlet of the customer dashboard. For more information, see Tasks Portlet.

Note that the setting for the Accept Payments Through Top-Level Customer preference affects the rollup of data for some customer dashboard KPIs, in the same manner that it affects the customer record's Financial tab data. For more information about this preference, see Consolidated Payments.

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