Dashboard Portlets

NetSuite offers many types of content for dashboard portlets. To see the content available on a particular page, click Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet or Personalize in the upper right corner of the page. The Personalize Dashboard panel displays the content that you can add to your dashboard on the Standard Content tab. The portlets that you are currently using appear on the Currently Used tab.

Custom dashboard pages have the same limits on portlets as the standard Home page.

For descriptions of dashboard content, see Portlet Types Table.

Using portlets

Portlet controls are hidden until you move your pointer over the portlet.

If a dashboard contains a portlet that is extremely slow to load, the first time the portlet opens, NetSuite may display a popup suggesting that you minimize the portlet to speed dashboard loading time.

Portlets with content that is calculated from current data include a Refresh icon The Refresh icon on the right of the title bar.

You can expand certain portlets to full-screen view. This option is available for Trend Graph, Report Snapshots, List, Custom Search, Tasks, and Phone Calls portlets. The full-screen view of the portlet displays more columns and rows in the search results for List, Custom Search, Tasks, and Phone Calls portlets.

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