Setting Up Dashboard Portlet Content

As you add portlets to your dashboard, you can review the data and layout for each portlet. Initially, portlets show default data or no data because you need to perform portlet setup tasks after you have added portlets to a dashboard.

Most portlets have a menu that includes a Set Up link. When you click Set Up, a popup window opens where you can define data and layout. The menu is located on the right side of the title bar:

Set Up option on the portlet menu.

Some portlets, such as the KPI Meter, also have dropdown lists where you choose portlet content.


If a portlet does not contain a dropdown list or a menu with a Set Up link, its data and layouts are not configurable.

The setup options for most portlets are self-explanatory. The following list includes brief tips about setting up different portlets. Links to more detailed explanations are provided as needed.

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