Quick Search Portlet

You can add a Quick Search portlet to be able to search for general records or transaction records right from your dashboard.

To add a Quick Search portlet:

  1. Click Personalize in the upper right corner of your dashboard or use Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet.

  2. On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the Quick Search icon or drag it onto the dashboard.

    Quick Search portlet icon
  3. By default, the portlet is configured to search over general records, such as customers, vendors, items, activities, and other records.

    To make this portlet search over transaction records, such as cash sales, purchase orders, customer refunds, and other transactions, click Set Up in the portlet menu and select Transaction from the Search Type menu.

To learn more about the Quick Search portlet, see Quick Search Portlet.

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