Dashboards Overview

You can create a unique dashboard setup to ensure maximum efficiency and ease when you use NetSuite. For each user, NetSuite displays a variable set of tabbed pages, called a center. The center is based on the user's assigned role. Each NetSuite center provides the pages and links that users with the same role need to do their jobs. For more information about roles in NetSuite, see NetSuite Roles Overview.

Most tabbed pages of each center display a collection of real-time data relevant to the page and to the role of the user viewing the page. This collection, called a dashboard, provides a visual workspace that gives users instant, uninterrupted access to accurate information. A dashboard is available not only on your home page, but on every page you see in NetSuite except the Documents, Setup, and Customization pages. On your dashboards, you can view the data you need to make decisions, and edit records.

Dashboard content is displayed in a variety of portlets, dynamic data display windows. Some portlets provide direct access to raw data, and others display data that has been synthesized into critical business metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), performance scorecards, trend graphs, chart-based workbooks, and report snapshots. Other portlets enable you to display data from website RSS feeds.

Example of a dashboard.

For each page, NetSuite provides a default dashboard configuration that can be changed to meet individual users' business needs. Administrators can personalize the dashboards for one or more pages and publish them to a group of users so that they all see a consistent interface. The dashboards that users see depend on their roles. Administrators can choose whether to give individual users the ability to personalize their own dashboards further.

To set up dashboards, you need to understand the following:


NetSuite dashboards include functionality provided by HighCharts JS, which is software owned by and licensed through Highsoft Solutions AS.

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