KPI Scorecards

The KPI Scorecard portlet displays your choice of a performance scorecard. KPI scorecards can provide complex comparisons among multiple KPIs over multiple date ranges or accounting periods. Scorecards also can include Excel-like formulas with KPIs and functions in their expressions. Scorecards offer many choices for calculation and display of KPI data. KPIs are role-based and feature-based, meaning the KPIs that you can choose to display depend upon the role you used to log in to NetSuite and the features that are enabled. For more information about roles in NetSuite, see NetSuite Roles Overview.

To get an understanding of what you can do with KPI scorecards, see the following:

To get started using KPI scorecards, see the following:

Scorecard Data Calculation and Comparison Options

Scorecard Data Display Options


NetSuite includes a prebuilt Financial Ratios scorecard that is available to users with permission to see the Trial Balance report. For information about this scorecard, see Financial Ratios Scorecard.

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