Adding a KPI Scorecard Portlet to a Dashboard

You can add a KPI Scorecard portlet to a dashboard in the same manner that you add other portlets, but this portlet is not available unless the KPI Scorecards feature has been enabled.

After you have added a KPI Scorecard portlet, you can click Set Up in the portlet, then select a KPI scorecard and define display options.

To add a KPI Scorecard portlet to a dashboard:

  1. Click Personalize in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can also use Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet.

  2. On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the KPI Scorecard item or drag it onto the dashboard.

    If the list does not include KPI Scorecard, the KPI Scorecards feature has not been enabled. See Enabling the KPI Scorecards Feature.

  3. In the KPI Scorecard portlet, click Set Up to open a KPI Scorecard Setup popup.

    1. In the KPI Scorecard list, select the scorecard that you want to display.

      If you do not see a suitable scorecard, you may need to create a new KPI scorecard. See Creating a KPI Scorecard.

    2. By default, the Restrict To list is set to All to indicate that scorecard results are not filtered. If you want to filter results, select My Team or Only Mine.

    3. By default, the Orientation list is set to KPIs on Left, meaning that the scorecard lists KPI labels on the left and date ranges across the top. To change this layout, select Date Ranges on Left.

    4. Check or clear the Show Trend Graph Icon box to indicate whether you want the KPI Scorecard portlet to include icons that can be clicked to open popup trend graphs of KPI data. For more information, see Setting Up Popup Trend Graphs.

    5. Check or clear the Show Date Row box to indicate whether to include explicit date ranges as the first row (or first column if you selected Date Ranges on Left for Orientation). This data is useful to display if the scorecard uses relative date ranges, such as 1 year ago.

    6. Click Save.

  4. Review the portlet's contents and links. The portlet title matches the name of the selected KPI scorecard.

    1. Click Refresh to refresh portlet data.

    2. Click Set Up to change portlet settings.

    3. Click Edit or Customize to open the KPI scorecard and make changes to its definitions. For information, see Editing a KPI Scorecard.

    4. Click Export to save scorecard results in an external CSV file.

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