Financial Ratios Scorecard

NetSuite provides a prebuilt Financial Ratios scorecard to help you analyze your business's financial position and operating efficiency. This scorecard includes metrics built with embedded formulas that incorporate standard NetSuite key performance indicators (KPIs).

The scorecard displays metrics for the current accounting period and the previous accounting period, and shows the percentage change between periods for each metric. Metrics include:

To view the formulas used to calculate these metrics, see Financial Ratios Scorecard Formulas.

The Financial Ratios scorecard's data is based on a set of NetSuite standard reports, and you can click on the scorecard's metrics to drill down into each of the detailed reports. By default, the scorecard is available to you only if you have permission to view the Trial Balance report. If you have this permission, you can display this scorecard in your KPI Scorecard portlet.

Administrators can review this scorecard's definitions and modify them to create a custom Financial Ratios scorecard, including giving permission to additional users to display the scorecard on their dashboard by changing the audience for the scorecard. For information, see Editing a KPI Scorecard.


You may encounter issues viewing Financial Ratios scorecard data if you have not set up accounting periods or if you have not set the Report by Period preference to All Reports at Home > Set Preferences, the Analytics tab.

To display the Financial Ratios scorecard on your dashboard:

  1. Add a KPI Scorecard portlet to your dashboard.

    1. On the page where you want to see the scorecard, click Personalize.

    2. In the Personalize Dashboard panel, click the KPI Scorecard icon or drag it onto the dashboard.

  2. In the KPI Scorecard portlet’s menu, click Set Up.

  3. Select Financial Ratios from the KPI Scorecard list, and click Save.

To review the Financial Ratios scorecard formulas:

Go to Customization > Centers and Tabs > KPI Scorecards, and in the KPI Scorecards list, click Financial Ratios.

To customize the Financial Ratios scorecard:

  1. In the Financial Ratios KPI Scorecard portlet, click Customize in the portlet’s menu, or go to Customization > Centers and Tabs > KPI Scorecards, and click Customize next to Financial Ratios.

  2. Notice that the name of the scorecard is changed automatically. You can make additional changes and click Save. For information, see Editing a KPI Scorecard.

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