Custom Search Portlets

You can configure custom search portlets to display saved search results on the home page dashboard. Up to six custom search portlets can be used on the home page dashboard.

To add a Custom Search portlet to your dashboard:

  1. Click Personalize in the upper right corner of your dashboard or use Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet.

  2. On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the Custom Search icon or drag it onto the dashboard.

    Custom Search portlet icon
  3. To specify which saved search to display, click Set Up in the portlet or the portlet menu, select the search from the Search list, and click Save.

    You can also add a custom title for your portlet and specify other display options. For more details, see Displaying Saved Search Results in Dashboard Portlets.

When placed in the right or left columns of a dashboard, custom search portlets display only the first 4 results columns of the saved search. When placed in the center column, they display the first 9 columns. Custom search portlets also include New, Edit, and View columns with links for each result record. Additionally, you can expand the portlet to full-screen view by clicking the double arrow icon The Double Arrow icon. The full-screen view of the portlet displays more columns and rows in the search results.

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