Navigation Portlet


Navigation Portlet lets you simplify navigation to commonly used menus in NetSuite. Using this SuiteApp, you can create groups and categories for shortcuts or links that you frequently use in NetSuite. The shortcuts and categories are displayed in the custom portlet and can be configured using a custom record.

To begin using this SuiteApp, you must add the navigation portlet custom portlet. For more information about adding custom portlets, see Custom Portlets. You can add multiple navigation portlets in your dashboard.

Navigation Portlet is available in all languages that NetSuite supports. For more information, read Configuring Multiple Languages and Choosing a Language for Your NetSuite User Interface.


Navigation Portlet is a managed SuiteApp that is automatically updated whenever enhancements or new features are added.

For instructions on installing this SuiteApp, see Installing the Navigation Portlet SuiteApp.

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