Dashboard Tiles


Dashboard Tiles lets you create a dashboard with tiles that display business critical KPIs in a bold visual layout with images and blinking alerts. The blinking alerts serve as reminders for metrics that do not meet certain conditions. You can configure the content of the tiles based on how they will be displayed or translated in the dashboard.

Using this SuiteApp, you can create and customize the following tile types:

For more information, see Types of Dashboard Tiles.


Dashboard Tiles is a managed SuiteApp that is automatically updated whenever enhancements or new features are added.

For instructions on installing this SuiteApp, see Installing the Dashboard Tiles SuiteApp.

Multi-Language Support

Dashboard Tiles is available in all languages that NetSuite supports. For more information, read Configuring Multiple Languages and Choosing a Language for Your NetSuite User Interface.

The only exception to the multi-language support are entries for the Name, Prefix, Display Value, and Suffix fields. An administrator or users with edit permissions to dashboard tile records must enter translations for these fields in the languages supported by NetSuite. For more information on entering dashboard tile translations, see Entering Dashboard Tile Translations.

Read the following topics to get you started in using Dashboard Tiles:

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