Creating a Reminder Tile

A reminder tile displays numeric data derived from a saved search. The values displayed in a reminder tile are based on the number of results in a saved search record. For more information about the types of dashboard tiles, see Types of Dashboard Tiles.

To create a reminder tile:

  1. Go to Setup > Dashboard Tiles > Manage Dashboard Tiles > New.

  2. On the Dashboard Tile page, specify values for the following fields:

    • Name – Enter a name that describes the metrics to be displayed in the tile. For example: Target Revenue This Quarter, Sales Order YTD, POs Pending Receipt, Sales and Marketing Expense.

    • Inactive – Leave this box clear to make the tile available for display on the dashboard.

    • Tile Type – Select Reminder.

    • Display to All Roles – Check this box to make the tile visible to all roles. When this box is checked, the Roles field becomes read-only.

    • Roles – Select at least one role that can access the tile. To select multiple roles, press and hold down the Ctrl key.


      To display the tile in the portlet, you must select at least one role in the Roles field or check the Display to All Roles box.

    • Display Order – Enter a numeric value to define the order that the tile is displayed in the portlet. For example, enter 1 to display the tile as the first tile in the portlet.


      If two or more tiles have the same display order value, the system displays the tiles in alphabetical order.

      A maximum of 50 tiles can be displayed in the portlet. If you create more than 50 tiles, the portlet displays only the first 50 tiles depending on the display order value.

  3. On the Data subtab, specify values for the following fields:

    • Saved Search – Select the name of the saved search to use for the tile.


      Saved searches are not validated by the system. If a saved search is not working properly, the dashboard displays the tile incorrectly or N/A is displayed in the tile.

      Ensure that the saved search you select is a SuiteScript supported record. For more information about SuiteScript supported records, see SuiteScript Supported Records.

    • Link – (Optional) Specify the URL to use for the tile. For example, you can enter a saved search URL. When you click the tile, the system launches URL page.

    • Prefix – Enter text or characters to append before the tile value. For example, you can use a currency symbol as a prefix.

    • Suffix – Enter text or characters to append after the tile value. For reminder tiles, the Display Value and Scorecard Summary Type fields are read-only.

  4. (Optional) Modify the tile appearance or apply conditional alerts.

    For more information, see Modifying the Appearance of a Dashboard Tile or Applying Conditional Alerts to a Dashboard Tile.

  5. Click Save.

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