Applying Conditional Alerts to a Dashboard Tile

Conditional alerts are only used for reminder and scorecard tiles. When you apply a conditional alert to a reminder or scorecard tile, the tile icon blinks when the metrics meet the conditions you have specified for the tile. Only users with the Administrator role or users with edit access can apply conditional alerts.


You must specify an icon for the reminder or scorecard tile before applying conditional alerts. For more information about specifying a tile icon, see Modifying the Appearance of a Dashboard Tile.

To apply conditional alerts to a tile:

  1. Place your cursor over the tile that you want to edit and click the Edit icon.

    The Edit icon is only available to users with an Administrator role. If you are not an administrator but have edit permissions, go to Setup > Dashboard Tiles > Manage Dashboard Tiles and select the tile that you want to edit.

  2. On the Dashboard Tile page, under the Alerts subtab, specify values for the following fields:

    1. Blink When – Select a condition that will trigger an alert.

      You can select from the following conditions:

      • Greater Than Threshold

      • Less Than Threshold

      • Greater Than Or Equal Threshold

      • Less Than Or Equal Threshold

    2. Threshold – Enter a threshold value for the tile.

    The combination of the Threshold and Blink When values determine when the icon in the tile blinks.

  3. Click Save.

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