Entering Dashboard Tile Translations

Dashboard Tiles is available in all languages that NetSuite supports. The only exception to the multi-language support are the values for the Name, Prefix, Display Value, and Suffix fields. An administrator or users with edit permissions to dashboard tile records must enter translations for the values in these fields in the languages supported by NetSuite. Translations for these fields can be entered for all tile types.


You must first create the tile before you can enter translations for it.

To enter dashboard tile translations:

  1. Ensure you have enabled the entry of translation strings for other languages.

    For more information, see Enabling the Entry of Translation Strings for a Specific Language.


    You can enter tile translations only for languages where you enabled the entry of translations strings. For example, if you enabled the entry of translations strings for French and German, you can only enter tile translations in French and German and not in other languages.

  2. Ensure the Multi-Language feature is enabled.

    To verify, go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features and ensure the Multi-Language box is checked.

  3. Go to Setup > Dashboard Tiles > Manage Dashboard Tiles.

  4. On the Dashboard Tile List page, click Edit on the tile where you want to enter translations.

  5. On the Dashboard Tile page, click the Translations subtab.

    The Translations subtab becomes available only after you create the tile.

  6. Enter translations for the following fields:

    1. Name – Enter a name for the tile in the chosen language.

    2. Prefix – Enter text or characters to append at the beginning of the tile in the chosen language.

    3. Display Value – Enter a display value for the tile in the chosen language.

    4. Suffix – Enter text or characters to append at the end of the tile in the chosen language.

    Repeat this step for other languages where you want to add translation entries.


    Make sure the Prefix or Suffix field on the Data subtab is not left blank. When left blank, translation entries for the Prefix or Suffix fields are not saved.

  7. Click Save.

You must change your language preference to see the translations you entered for the tile. For more information about setting the language preference, see Choosing a Language for Your NetSuite User Interface.

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