Setting Up Reminders

You can set up reminders for important data or tasks in NetSuite. Reminders appear in the Reminders portlet on dashboards. When you click a reminder in the portlet, you go to a page with more details where you can take action as necessary.

Reminders portlet

For example, Wolfe Electronics has set up a reminder to receive orders. When there are orders to be received, a reminder appears in the Reminders portlet. A user clicks the reminder and goes to the Receive Orders page.

To add a Reminders portlet:

  1. If you do not see any Reminders portlet on your dashboard, click Personalize in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can also use Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet.

  2. On the Standard Content tab of the Personalize Dashboard palette, click the Reminders icon or drag it onto the dashboard.

    Reminders portlet icon

To set up the Reminders portlet:

  1. In the Reminders portlet’s menu, click Set Up.

  2. Click a reminder in the left list or drag it to the Current Selections list on the right.

    The reminders are arranged alphabetically. Custom reminders are marked with Custom icon.

    The available system-defined reminders depend on your role and the features enabled in your account. For a list of the reminders NetSuite offers, see System-Defined Reminders Table . Custom reminders are available when saved searches to which you have access are marked as available for reminders. For information, see Creating Custom Reminders.

    Select reminders popup window.
  3. You can change the order in which reminders appear in the Reminders portlet by dragging them up or down in the list.

  4. If you want a reminder to be used as a headline reminder, drag it under the Headline.

    Headline reminders are displayed in the upper part of the portlet and use a more prominent layout.

  5. If you want the reminders to be shown even when there are no results to display, select Show reminders with zero results.

  6. When ready, click Save.

    A count and a link is displayed for each reminder that has matching results. Click Reminder to display the related task or search results.


    To see continually updated results for reminders, refresh the portlet periodically.

You can apply highlighting rules to any of your reminders. Each highlighting rule adds a color indicator to the reminder whenever the specified threshold is reached.

To set up highlighting rules:

  1. In the Reminders portlet, point to a reminder you want to edit and click the edit icon Edit Reminder icon.

  2. To add a highlighting rule, click Add Rule, choose the color to use, and specify the threshold.

    You can specify as many rules as you need.

    Edit reminder: Orders to Receive popup window.
  3. Click Save to apply the highlighting rules.

Reminder alerts

The Reminders portlet indicates if a specific Saved Search (both Standard or Custom Reminders) is interrupted for any reason by a yellow triangle icon.

All other saved searches that finish successfully show a reminder count as expected. If you hover the mouse over the icon, it shows a hint according to your role, permissions, and saved search ownership.

Reminders alerts

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