Reviewing Recent Records

The Recent Records portlet displays a list of records that you have recently created, modified, or viewed with links that you can click for quick access to these records. Recent records are also listed on the recent records menu, Recent Records menu icon, on the left of the navigation menu.

The Recent Records portlet does not have a Set Up link, so you cannot change its contents.

In this portlet, as in others, the controls are hidden until you move your cursor over the portlet. Each record includes a link to view the record. In addition, if you have edit permission for the record, an Edit link appears to the right as shown in this screenshot.

Recent Records portlet

The following screenshot displays the Recent Records menu available from the Recent Records menu icon icon on the navigation menu. Click a link to display an individual record, or click All Recent Records to display a list of all records you have used recently, in reverse chronological order.

All Recent Records menu

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