SuiteScript 2.x Portlet Script Type

Portlet scripts are run on the server and are rendered in the NetSuite dashboard. The following portlet script types are supported:

The following image shows a simple form portlet and a links portlet (labeled Search Engines) displayed on the NetSuite dashboard.

Simple Form Portlet and Search Engines sample.

You can use SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) to manage portlet scripts as part of file-based customization projects. For information about SDF, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

You can use the Copy to Account feature to copy an individual portlet script to another of your accounts. Each portlet script page has a clickable Copy to Account option in the upper right corner. For information about Copy to Account, see Copy to Account Overview.

You can use SuiteScript Analysis to learn about when the script was installed and how it performed in the past. For more information, see Analyzing Scripts.

See the following for more information about the Portlet Script type:

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