SuiteScript 2.x RESTlet Script Type

A RESTlet is a SuiteScript that you make available for other applications to call. It can be called from either an external application or from another script within NetSuite. A RESTlet executes only when it is called and in some cases, returns a value to the calling application.

RESTlets can be useful when you want to bring data into NetSuite from another system, or if you want to extract data from NetSuite. RESTlets can also be used in combination with other scripts to customize the behavior of a page within NetSuite.

For more details, see the following:

You can use SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) to manage RESTlet scripts as part of file-based customization projects. For information about SDF, see SuiteCloud Development Framework. You can use the Copy to Account feature to copy an individual RESTlet script to another of your accounts. Each RESTlet script page has a clickable Copy to Account option in the upper right corner. For information about Copy to Account, see Copy to Account.

You can use SuiteScript Analysis to learn about when the script was installed and how it performed in the past. For more information, see Analyzing Scripts.

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