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Copy to Account is an administrator tool that copies a custom object between your accounts. Use Copy to Account to select a target account, choose dependencies, select record instances to include, then preview and deploy your custom record. The tool can copy one custom object (including dependencies and instances) at a time.

Copy to Account is powered by SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). You can copy any object supported by SDF that is not locked, hidden, or part of another SuiteApp. The Copy to Account link only appears on custom record types that are associated with objects supported by SDF. For a list of supported object types, see Customizations Supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework.

Copy to Account is available from production, development, and sandbox accounts in which you have administrator access.


The Copy to Account tool can be accessed from a custom record. To view your custom records, go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types. From the list of records, select the custom record you want to copy and click Copy to Account to start the process.

Copy to Account Overview page

The Copy to Account tool goes through four steps: Account, Dependencies, Preview, Deployment.


Logs show the current status of the copy process during the preview and deploy steps. For logging information, you can view audit trails of completed deployments in your target account.


Some custom objects are partially supported and a subset of their fields cannot be copied. For more information, see The SDF XML Reference. Object fields not listed in the SDF XML reference are not supported by SDF and cannot be copied with Copy to Account. For more information about other limits, see Handling Dependency Errors.

When copying custom forms to another account, translations for field labels are not included. Currently, Copy to Account does not fully support translation collections.

Copy to Account uses plain text only. Entries for translations in the exported XML file contain text values in the preferred company language. There is no reference to translation terms in the translation collection. Optionally, to include the translations with the custom forms, you can use the SDF application to import the custom forms instead of using Copy to Account.

For more information, see Enabling Copy to Account in Your NetSuite Account (Administrator Only).

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