Customizations Supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework

SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) provides you with a way to customize NetSuite using SuiteCloud project components instead of using the NetSuite interface. These components can consist of files, scripts, and SDF custom objects such as custom records, custom forms, and workflows. Such components are sometimes referred to as customizations, SDF custom objects, and XML definitions. For more information, see SuiteCloud Development Framework.


You can see the root XML tag and script ID prefix for each SDF custom object in SDF Custom Object File Structure.

The following customizations are supported as SDF custom objects:

Lists, Records, & Fields



You cannot create new address forms, entry forms and transaction forms using SDF. To work with those forms in SDF, you must first import them from a NetSuite account into a SuiteCloud project. See Account Component Imports to SuiteCloud Projects.


Published Dashboards & Portlets

  • Published Dashboard, see Published Dashboards as XML Definitions and publisheddashboard

    The following portlets are supported:

    • Analytics Portlet

    • Calendar Portlet

    • Custom Portlet

    • Custom Search Portlet

    • Event Scheduler Portlet

    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Portlet

    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Scorecard Portlet

    • KPI Meter Portlet

    • Links Portlet

    • List Portlet

    • Quick Search Portlet

    • Recent Records Portlet

    • Recent Reports Portlet

    • Reminders Portlet

    • Search Form Portlet

    • Settings Portlet

    • Tasks Portlet

    • Trend Graph Portlet


    Each portlet type is supported by SDF as part of its support for published dashboards. For more information about defining portlets in SDF, see Supported Published Dashboard Object Portlets.



Centers and Tabs




SuiteCommerce Web Site Management

SuiteAnalytics Workbooks

  • Dataset, see Custom Dataset Objects and dataset

  • Workbook, see Workbooks as XML Definitions and workbook


    Do not modify the contents of the definition structure or its character data. Modifications may damage the workbook data when you deploy the modified object to a target NetSuite account.

    You should use NetSuite to modify custom workbooks rather than using SDF to modify workbook objects. After you save your changes in NetSuite and re-import the workbook into your SuiteCloud project, the workbook object gets updated safely and automatically.

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