Account Component Imports to SuiteCloud Projects

Watch the following help video for information about how to import custom objects into your SuiteCloud project.

You can use SuiteCloud SDK tools to import account components from your NetSuite account in your SuiteCloud project for use with SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF).

For the account customization type of SuiteCloud project, those account components from a NetSuite account can include custom record types, customized record types, objects, files, and scripts into an account customization project.

For the SuiteApp type of SuiteCloud project, only custom record types, customized record types, and objects can be imported from a NetSuite account into a SuiteApp project.

Each SuiteCloud component that shares the same script ID as an account component that you want to import is overwritten. For more information about account components supported by SDF in SuiteCloud projects, see Customizations Supported by SuiteCloud Development Framework.

If you are working with account components that do not require direct updates through the SuiteCloud project, you should reference the account component instead of importing them into your project. For more information, see Account Component Dependencies in SuiteCloud Projects and SDF Custom Object Dependencies in SuiteApps.


You cannot import locked record types into SuiteCloud projects. You must either unlock the record types before you import them, or reference them outside of the SuiteCloud project. For more information about locked record types, see Locking SDF Custom Objects in a SuiteApp Project and Locking Objects in Customization Bundles.

When importing an object from a NetSuite account to an SDF SuiteApp project:

To import account components into a SuiteCloud project:

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